Sliding Wardrobes For Tiny Apartments – My Person Experience

Tiny apartments are all about how you optimize your space. There is no such thing as an unnecessary space, every inch counts and every corner is a potential storage solution. 

It wasn’t any different in my two-bedroom apartment. Unlike most people, I saw opportunity where others saw limitations. Let me tell you how I designed my minimalistic apartment with sliding wardrobe doors to make the most of my space.

Let’s start with the bedroom. The wardrobe in my master bedroom was mounted opposite the window wall. So, I installed a sleek, mirrored sliding wardrobe on that wall that reflected the entire room, giving a fun illusion of doubling its dimensions! 

In the living room, I had a different approach. It should be a very comfortable place, so keeping this in mind I installed a solid wood wardrobe that has a subtle herringbone pattern in its surface. The brass knobs on the doors felt sturdy and substantial as your fingers gripped them.

As for the kitchen, I prefer efficiency and decency. So, I chose a glossy white sliding wardrobe with its surface gleaming under the overhead lights, containing all my kitchen stuff. The handles were small, chrome cubes. All you needed was a quick tug to get into a jar of forgotten spices.

And the last room which I often used as my home office with a sofa on the other side. I did something interesting here. I installed a wardrobe with frosted glass doors, decorated with nickel bars that acted as a room divider. The translucent glass allows light to flow through, keeping the space airy. They were discreet, so the artwork I hung above them had all the focus.

So this was the story of how I utilized the space in my tiny apartment these wardrobe options. For you too, I would suggest sliding door wardrobe options if you want to improve your space usage. Style is up to yours to choose as you like.