Creating a Study Corner For Exam Prep? Here’s How I Did it for Myself

Creating a Study Corner For Exam Prep Here’s How I Did it for Myself

I always had a hard time preparing for my exams at home. I mean how can I study when everything is scattered around – clothes all piled up in one corner, books scattered on the desk and next to the pillow, and a lost pen under the bed. 

I wanted to set up my space before starting exam prep since the exams were coming up.

First, I had to figure out where to put it. Since I didn’t have much space in my tiny room, I settled on a neglected spot next to the window. This was the best place I could think of. I would have feel the warm afternoon sun get a peaceful view of the park across the street in the distance.

Next, the paint on this corner was flaking off. I had to choose the right paint for my study, so I decided on a calming seafoam green paint on the walls on each side, a color known to boost concentration. 

My next step was to pick the furniture. Instead of a boring office chair, I bought a vintage blue armchair. As for the desk, I opted for an L-shaped desk tucked into the corners, so I could maximize the space without feeling crowded. Perfect for long study sessions, it was comfortable and whimsy at the same time.

Yes! My study corner is almost ready. I was too excited but it was not over yet. It was still missing a few decorations and necessary items. And this is where the fun begins!

I mounted a pegboard above my desk. Floating shelves on the opposite wall showcased my favorite novels and inspirational quotes framed in funky old frames. The desk looked lovely with baskets full of pens, notepads, and highlighters.I also kept a rechargeable round study lamp on the side for late-night study sessions.

And that’s all! My study corner is complete! Honestly speaking, studying became less of a chore and more of a ritual with a proper set-up.

It all looks so neat and clean that I really feel like studying for hours without feeling any burden. You better get ready, I’m going to top this semester! 

So if you are also struggling with creating your own study corner, why not give your boring corner a creative touch by using the same ideas here? It’s time to study my course now so I better get going!