How to Decorate a Home Office with Things You Have

How to Decorate a Home Office with Things You Have

Working from home was my dream. But as my dream came true during the pandemic, it wasn’t really what I dreamed of. 

I was really disappointed by the cardboard boxes in the corner, overflowing with office clutter. Felt like they mocked me as I did my office work. My home “office” was a chaotic mess shoved into the spare bedroom.

I had to do something about it. Last week, I decided to build a perfect home office. First things first – use what you have – I looked in my attic for anything I could better use in my office setup. I found a vintage typewriter table, a dusty globe, and a stack of tattered travel journals. Maybe I could use any of them as decorations.

With a sense of purpose an idea clicked in my mind. Why not use the old typewriter table as a desk? It was a bit hectic cleaning it. Now it’s time to decorate it. With the corkboard of postcards, I made a vision board; a reminder of the freedom that comes with working remotely.

The next idea was to use plants as decor. They are always a mood booster, so I placed them on the sides of the desk and beside them, I placed the globe I found in the attic. My desk’s filing cabinet was covered in little vines hanging from the pot. It was so nice to see that.

As for the lighting, I replaced the uncomfortable overhead light with a standing lamp that provides a warm glow, perfect for late-night brainstorming. I found it in the attic too. 

I also swapped my plastic chair that I took from the backyard for a plush armchair. Only thing I especially bought from the market. After all, comfort is the key.

So it’s almost done but it’s missing the most important thing! My office stuff and my laptop. From the cardboxes in the corner, I took out my office stuff and placed them nicely in the drawers and cabinets of the desk. Placed my laptop on the desk and connected its charger to the switchboard just below the desk.

Now there was something! I finally turned my chaotic room into an actual work space. Honestly, now it feels so professional to sit there and work, just like in an office. I stepped back and looked at my creation and thought: working from home wasn’t just a necessity, it was an opportunity – to create a space that fueled my creativity.