Tired of Brown Glass Windows? Modernize Them with This Idea!

Tired of Brown Glass Windows Modernize Them with This Idea!

I was trying to find a home for myself. While visiting several houses, one of them stuck with me as it was affordable and looked gorgeous from the outside. But the inside was nothing like what I expected. When he showed me the living room, it really ruined my impression.

A large stained glass window was giving off a dull and gloomy feeling. A perpetual twilight is cast by murky brown glass panels from floor to ceiling. The realtor talked about the “abundance of natural light,” but it looked like a mausoleum to me. A muddy palette swirled with shapes I couldn’t figure out.

“They add a touch of history,” the realtor commented, unaware of my awkward expression. “History, or a misplaced nightmare?”, I asked myself in his reply.

Anyway, apart from that, it was a good deal, so I decided to go ahead. And, I could do something about a window anyways. I gave myself a challenge: This house, with its potential, could be transformed into amazing modern beauty.

Here is how I saw it. First, I did a bit of research. I looked up some contemporary artists whose work on stained glass I loved. Léonie Denis with her stark geometric panels, Jeffrey Bachman’s kaleidoscopic abstractions – these were the voices I wanted in my house.

Next, I did a consultation with a stained glass artist. We decided not to replace the existing windows – that would be wrong. Instead, we’d create a conversation. Sleek, minimalist frames in black steel were built around the originals, housing vibrant, modern stained glass panels within.

The result? Sensational. The original windows became muted backdrops, their dark tones thrown into sharp relief by the jewel-toned abstracts that stand in front of them now.

The house is not a mausoleum anymore, it became a vintage masterpiece. And every time the sunlight hits the windows, I cannot help but smile. Maybe the realtor was right after all. This house had an abundance of natural light – it just had to be a bit more colorful.

So, if you’re also tired of old brown panes, here’s an idea: build a new frame on top of it with colorful stained glass covering the brownish panes. It’s cheaper than removing the windows, and you’re going to love it!